Frequently Asked Questions

  • COVID-19: All of our team members are required to wear both a mask and new gloves in every home. We ask that if there are others in the home during the time of cleaning to also wear a mask and keep a minimum distance of six feet.

  •  Height: Our height is limited to a 2-step ladders and extended dusters - we will do our best to clean above 8', however there is no guarantee. 

  • Heavy Items/Furniture: We do not move heavy appliances or furniture over 20 lbs - per our health & safety policy, and to avoid scratching floors. We will do our best to reach under/behind; you are welcome to move heavy furniture/appliances for our cleaners. 

  • Light fixtures: We will do our best on light-fixtures & ceiling-fans with delicate dusting and wiping, however light-fixtures are very fragile, expensive to replace, and pose an electrical hazard.

  • Unfinished Homes/ Spaces: We only clean inside, finished, living spaces - we are not able to clean unfinished areas. This includes spaces where contractors/ movers etc. may be operating and pose a safety risk for our cleaners.

  • Dishes: We do not clean dishes.

  • Internal Fridge Deep Clean: We are happy to deep clean inside fridges, but ask that all items inside be removed and replaced for our cleaners.

  • Pet Messes & Human Fluids: We do not clean: animal messes, cat litter, feces/urine, blood and clogged or overflowed toilets etc.