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When you need a house clean, its more than just about dirt. There are hundreds of other factors that come into play - from what time your appointment is set for to which day works best on paper or if there happens not be any open slots available at all! That’s why we offer professional yet affordable House Cleaning in Burlington who can provide quality service without breaking the bank in Burlington county.

Professional Cleaning Services of Burlington

Neon Cleaners INC is a long established family-owned business that has been providing quality services
to the Burlington community for over 15 years. We take pride in being part of this incredible city, which
offers not only some great views but also lots more than just scenery! With its large population and
active nightlife scene on both land or water (the latter being our specialty), there no shortage
whatsoever when it comes down deciding what makes up your perfect day here - from exploring local
art galleries while enjoying breathtaking scenery at sunset.
Our appreciation for Burlington extends to each and every client we serve. Whether you own a home,
rent an apartment, or live in student housing, we want our neighbors to enjoy a clean house and
reduced stress. Booking is simple with our online reservation system, and you can have a spotless home
in no time!

We are a Different Cleaning Company

Neon Cleaners Inc. is a people first cleaning company that prioritizes hiring the right people to join it’s team. We call our cleaners our “partners”, because together we are part of something bigger. It takes a lot of trust to allow someone into your home, and our cleaners take that responsibility seriously. With years of professional house cleaning experience, you can enjoy a clean home that brightens your day and improves your mood. As locals to Burlington, we appreciate the pride you have for your home and city, and we are committed to providing only the best for our neighbors. When you book a cleaning with Neon Cleaners Inc., you can be confident knowing that both you and your home are in good hands!

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